Why is the vaccine so popular with 12-17 year olds?


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Two months after the launch of the vaccination for young people aged 12-17 years, there are now more than one in two adolescents vaccinated.

On July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the health pass to all public places of more than 50 people from August 9. This means that you must now present proof of vaccination, a negative test of less than 48 hours or a positive test attesting to the recovery from Covid-19 to access bars, restaurants, theaters or even cinema.

New standards, upset the daily life of some adolescents and that of their parents, who wondered about the future of their summer vacation but also their return. Indeed, the short time granted to adolescents for this vaccination did not allow them to benefit from a complete vaccination schedule, as a reminder 12-17 year olds have the possibility of going to a vaccination center to receive a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. or Moderna since June 15th. Although it now benefits from an additional period, the vaccination campaign for young people aged 12 to 17 is progressing particularly quickly. Only two months after its launch, there are, in France, close to one in two adolescents having received at least one dose (53% as of August 15). Almost a third of the adolescent population now has a complete vaccination schedule.

By way of comparison, today, 69% of French people have received at least one injection and 58.4% both.

“Very early on, as soon as the possibility was offered to them, they positioned themselves to go to be vaccinated, because for many this will make it possible to pass the course and to resume a” normal life “, declared last June, Elisabeth Bouvet, professor of infectious diseases and president of the technical committee on vaccinations at the High Authority for Health.

How to explain this success with 12-17 year olds?

Adolescents are less worried about the potential long-term effects that hold back some adults and are not suspicious of vaccines.

In addition, after almost 18 months of deprivation to face the pandemic, young people have only one desire: to resume a normal life and to avoid (re) (re) confinement in the event of a new wave.

I got vaccinated so that I could go out peacefully with my friends ”and go back to the cinema, explained Gabriel, 17.
“I didn’t want to start high school from a distance, I wanted to start a normal life again”, said Antoine 15.
“My priority was not to infect my grandparents”, added Capucine, 13.

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