Why it is sometimes good to be a single parent


Parents who no longer live as a couple like to reap pity. It can be really great to live alone with the children. We also know why.

Yeah, sure, it always sounds kind of sad when two people split up. In most cases it is. And of course that has many disadvantages. But it can also be a great opportunity. Therefore:

1. You don't have to constantly discuss all educational issues! Couples who break up mostly have a reason for it. Of course, this often involves different models of upbringing. If there are separate households, it is easier to implement separate ideas without it appearing super inconsistent. Papa always has two ice creams? Yes, but only with him.

2. You have less housework. Sounds mundane, but it's the main reason for many breakups. One less person in the house = less dirty laundry and dishes. A simple calculation that works.

3. Single parents have to fight less. In fact, marriages and relationships diverge because things are not going well. Without a partner, there may be less help (it depends on the partner of course!), But there is also much less anger. After all, having a marriage can be a job that, by the way, does not necessarily make you happy.


4th you are strong and know that. Of course it is sometimes completely different, then you have to cry and curse, but generally speaking, single parents are very strong and independent and can do a lot. After all, they have to. In the best case scenario, they even know that they are as strong as Superwoman. That also makes you brave and self-confident – and a role model for our children.

5. You have the chance to fall in love again. Breaking yourself out of an unhappy relationship can be a great opportunity and make you very happy. Being a single parent also means being able to decide for yourself what you want to do again, not having to discuss everything – and maybe finding someone again with whom it is primarily nice.

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