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Stromae, who is back on the road with his Multitude Tour, will not be there for the Les Enfoirés concert. We explain why!

This Friday, March 3, TF1 will broadcast the brand new concert of Motherfuckersrecorded a few weeks ago, between January 12 and 16, 2023, during the series of shows given at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon. An annual event where we find many stars who support the famous association created by Coluche in 1985, such as Mimie Mathy, Jenifer, Vianney, Zazie, Patrick Bruel, Amel Bent, or even Lorie Pester and Patrick Fiori, to name but a few. And so many personalities agree to join the famous troupe of the Enfoirés and push the ditty for the good cause, there is one who categorically refuses to do so. It is Stromae. The Belgian artist had indeed confided in the microphone of Thomas Sotto on European 1 in 2013 and had explained why he had declined the invitation of Véronique Colucci, the ex-wife of Coluche. “I have a problem with this, because I enjoy it. I don’t know if it’s a certain modesty… I have a problem involving my image in a charity association“, he explained at first. And to add: “If I make this kind of associations, that I put myself forward, it is to serve this kind of association. I have a problem with that, because I take advantage of it. This is where I feel bad“.

On the other hand, Stromae made a point of specifying that it is not at all against the fact that personalities take part in it despite everything. “I pass no judgment“.”This is only my vision, it engages only me, I do not pass any judgment on those who do it“. The singer, who will be 38 years old on March 12, concluded his interview by confiding his vision of charity : “I just have a problem going to show this face for this kind of associations (…) we can support associations in a more discreet way“. All is said !

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The Multitude Tour

After 7 years of absence, Stromae made a resounding comeback by releasing its third studio album on March 4, 2022, Multitudeworn by singles Health And Hell. He will also give 3 preview concerts just before the release of his opus, on February 22, 2022 at Palais 12 in Brussels, on February 24 at the AccorArena in Paris and on February 27 in Amsterdam. In 2023, Stromae resumes service always with sound Multitude Tower who is back on the road for a tour of the biggest European arenas. On this occasion, the artist reveals himself in a skilfully orchestrated video (see HERE), in which he lifts the veil on the secrets of the creation of his colossal show, driven by the partnership between its creative label Mosaert and the German company KUKA. Not to miss !

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