why the actress never had children

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It is with sadness that we learned this Thursday, December 1, of the death of actress Mylène Demongeot, at the age of 87. The opportunity to return to his vision of motherhood as well as the reasons that led him not to have children.

A true icon of French cinema, actress Mylène Demongeot has left us. After long years of struggle, the actress thought she had overcome the disease at the start of the year. Suffering from cancer of the peritoneum, she unfortunately relapsed in August 2022 and it was this Thursday, December 1 that Mylène Demongeot died at the age of 87. Journalist Henry-Jean Servat announces the sad news on the airwaves of Midi-Free then it’s his agent’s turn to confirm the information.

Mylène Demongeot was an actress recognized by her peers who achieved the status of a great lady of cinema in the 1950s and 60s. It was thanks to the films The Witches of Salem with Yves Montand or even Fantomas with Louis de Funès that she bursts the screen. Lately it’s on the bill of the three parts of Camping that the actress lends her features to the wife of a resident of the Blue Waves played by Claude Brasseur. After a long battle against cancer, Mylène Demongeot returns to the cinema in 2022 in the film Retirement home with Kev Adams and Gérard Depardieu.

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The actress never wanted children

After being married for the first time in 1958 to photographer Henry Coste, whom she divorced in 1968, she fell madly in love with director Marc Simenon. Quick marriage the same year, she finally lost her great love after a fall down the stairs in 1999. Married for more than 30 years, the couple never had a child. It’s in an interview for the magazine Paris here in May 2022 that she confides in this choice: “I never wanted it. I had two abortions in my first marriage. I am not at all maternal, children, I find it boring. »

A carefully considered decision for the actress who, like her friend Brigitte Bardot, has campaigned for a large part of her life for the animal cause. She adds on this subject in her interview: “Animals, when they annoy you, you close the door, put them in a cage, children, you have to take care of them”. That has the merit of being clear !

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