Why the best thing about a vacation is the hotel breakfast


I never go to vacation homes. There is a reason there is nobody to make me breakfast. Well, maybe my husband and the kids, but that's just not the same thing. Unless you find bread, butter, and cheese going through as a five-star breakfast. I love really good hotel breakfast! So, really, really great. Preferably with chopped fruit and ten different teas, with scrambled eggs and maybe bacon, but above all with the basis that I have to do zero, nada, niente for all these delicacies. Nothing at all. Except paying, of course. That is the only downside.

Nothing reminds me that I am a housewife

However, it is worth the pleasure. Because what could be nicer than just sitting down at a table, being served by competent people and simply eating and drinking a lot. And in the morning. Of course I know that it sounds decadent, that's what it is. But once a year I'm just decadent, for seven days I just don't want to do anything that reminds me that I am a housewife for a large part of my life. It's understandable, isn't it?


Can you go home? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Now you could say that I could make a really nice breakfast at home. Or part of my family. But that's just not the same thing. First of all, the whole thing also has its price (ever bought a passion fruit in the supermarket?) And secondly it is a lot of work to press fresh juices from 100 different fruits, to make omelets with mushrooms, tomatoes and ham – and the croissants bring me so far no one to the front door. I can also have a nice breakfast in the sun – at least if I'm heading south. Unfortunately, this is not very often possible for me in northern Germany.

I don't have to clean up once

The best thing about it is that I just get up and go after eating and drinking and sitting around. For one thing, I don't have to tidy up or crawl under the table and pick up leftovers from my kindergarten kids, who are proud when they clear their plates. I am sorry that someone else has to do this now, but at least they are paid for it. In any case, it is the most wonderful start to the day for me – this mix of calories and great tastes and being pampered. This is my luxury, for that reason alone I would like to live in four to five star accommodations more often. In fact, next weekend I'm going to spend a night alone with a friend. In a hotel. With excellent breakfast, of course.