Why the boss of Lamborghini no longer believes in the combustion engines of his cars


Lamborghini unveils its roadmap for the years to come. Lovers of beautiful mechanics, you will be disappointed, since the Italian brand is preparing the definitive abandonment of internal combustion engines, to focus on 100% electric cars. At issue: regulations that allow alternatives (such as e-fuel), but with drastic conditions.

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini could continue to sell petrol cars after 2035. For one year, until 2036, thanks to the famous Ferrari amendment. But after this date, it will be 100% electric, or internal combustion engines using synthetic fuel, the famous e-fuel. But it looks like Lamborghinis will all be 100% electric after 2035. without even attempting to convert the Italian brand’s existing petrol engines to e-fuel.

An electric Lamborghini from 2028

In any case, this is what the words of the brand’s boss, Stephan Winkelmann, to the British journalists of the site suggest. Coach. In the interview, the Lamborghini CEO goes into detail about the brand’s future release schedule. The SUV, Lamborghini Urus, will switch to the plug-in hybrid from 2024, with the 100% electric version planned for 2029. In 2028, Lamborghini’s first electric car will see the light of day.

And for the supercar, the current rechargeable hybrid Lamborghini Revuelto (with its 10 km of autonomy) should remain in the catalog for at least another eight to nine years. Which brings us closer to the fateful date of 2035, when no manufacturer will have the right to sell cars equipped with a heat engine. Exception made for manufacturers who sell less than 1,000 units per year, and those who will market carbon-neutral thermal cars. This is particularly the case of synthetic fuel, the famous e-fuel.

No e-fuel at Lamborghini

But the boss of Lamborghini does not believe it. For him, the regulations will be so drastic that it will be impossible to sell a car on the market with an engine as powerful as those of Lamborghinis. The businessman adds that “ even if laws don’t ban electric cars, taxation will kill them. Major cities will ban non-electric cars anyway by 2035. States are adopting strict California rules, and that’s where we sell our cars“.

As for synthetic fuels, Stephan Winkelmann thinks they are made for ” keep the current fleet alive rather than converting future models“. And that makes sense: we know that synthetic fuel is extremely energy-intensive in its production phase. A car running on synthetic fuels would consume five to six times more energy than its electric counterpart to travel a similar distance.

Lamborghini Revuelto
Lamborghini Revuelto

Future Lamborghini cars will therefore indeed be 100% electric. The last one to make the transition should then be the Italian brand’s Supercar. For this, Lamborghini knows that the challenge is enormous, since its customers are fond of the vibrations, noises and smells that an internal combustion engine can provide. Three words that are virtually absent from the vocabulary of an electric car.

For this, the boss of the company announces that they have found what is needed for the engine, but that they still do not have the answer for the noise it will make. Knowing that some electric cars make more noise than thermal cars.

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