Why this awesome photo of Kendall Jenner is a problem

A selfie posted by Kendall Jenner, taken during the shoot for the Skims Fits Everybody campaign, sparked strong reactions on the networks. She is accused of "promoting an unreal body" …

Kendall Jenner, proud of her photo shoot for a new collection from the brand Skims (her sister Kim Kardashian's brand), posted a series of images on Instagram and Twitter on February 12, 2021. But one shot in particular triggered a lively debate on social networks. In front of a mirror, Kim's sister shot her red lingerie set in an impressive selfie: endless legs and extremely thin, thighs gap immense, ultra flat stomach …. Some Internet users have commented that this photograph, probably photoshopped, promotes "unrealistic body standards".

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born 03/11/1995


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The Problematic Fame Instagram account, which compiles images of celebrities who are problematic because they feature unattainable aesthetic dictates, looked into the snap. In a post titled "The controversy over Kendall Jenner", accompanied by videos and photos, it is written: "Don't compare yourself to celebrities who can photoshop their images and have sports coaches, surgeons, personal cooks, etc. Kendall isn't responsible for other people's self-esteem, but I still feel that she doesn't do the job of reminding people every now and then that no one is perfect. Which is very good as well. This post isn't an attack on Kendall: we all know she's gorgeous. I just want to reiterate that any body is beautiful the way it is and that we should stop comparing ourselves to celebrities. "

Photo montage?

Problematic Fame compared the photos posted by Kendall Jenner with screenshots taken from a backstage video. And depending on the account, differences appear. "The videos were also photoshopped. In the first slide, we can see the arm and strap of the bra moving and in the second, her navel changes shape, this can also be due to a specific pose and lighting ( …) The smoothing around the bikini line is ridiculous, no one looks like this line, no one is completely smooth at the crotch ", explains Count Insta. There would even be differences in the color of the curtain between the video and the photo shared by the model. Editing? Kendall Jenner has spoken following the feedback. "I'm an extremely lucky girl. I appreciate everything I have, but I want you to know that I have bad days too and that I hear you! You are beautiful the way you are !!! is not always as perfect as it sounds ", she tweeted to a fan. Another comment to this post adds: "You know, women wouldn't suffer so much if you stopped editing your photos so much."

If, as the account notes Problematic Fame, we cannot hold a woman responsible for the pressure on everyone's bodies, it is good to remember that no, no one is smooth or made like a Barbie doll. Our bodies have hair, folds, fat, stretch marks, in short, everything we should love and celebrate even if we don't see it on Insta.

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