Why Wagenknecht is hesitant to found a new party

Polarized, even in parties other than her own: Sahra Wagenknecht
Image: Stefan Boness

Her opponents say Sahra Wagenknecht lacks the talent to organize. In addition, she is not resilient enough. Wagenknecht’s environment is worried about right-wing followers. Or is there another reason?

Mdo you care or not? For a long time, Sahra Wagenknecht has been playing publicly with the idea of ​​founding her own party. Now she wants to decide by the end of the year, and both supporters and opponents are asking themselves: Why only then? Even their critics admit that a Wagenknecht party would have potential – as a catchment basin for all kinds of frustrated people, from disappointed left-wing voters to lateral thinkers to AfD sympathizers. A “rebellion for peace” as a party, so to speak, only probably without Alice Schwarzer. So why is she still hesitating?

Oliver Georgi

Editor in the politics of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

In the Wagenknecht camp, the motto is: Because it’s not that easy to stomp a new party out of the ground. Anyone who wants to stand in a federal election should have 16 state associations, state lists and, above all, employees who can organize all of this. Even ardent Wagenknecht supporters say that something like this cannot be done alone, but only together with capable people. Especially since her health is not the most stable, in 2019 she finally gave up the leadership of the group because of a burnout. There will be no “one-woman show”.

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