Why you definitely won’t be able to buy an iPhone 15 when it’s released

Samir Rahmoun

July 21, 2023 at 3:55 p.m.


iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max © Apple

© Apple

Apple is experiencing manufacturing issues with the most powerful of its upcoming high-end iPhone 15 smartphones.

Soon the start of the school year, and therefore, like every year, soon the Apple Keynote during which the new iPhone 15 will be presented by Tim Cook’s teams. Smartphones that could arrive with new features, such as the USB-C port, but also some problems still (unfortunately) to be solved!

Screen problems encountered

Ready for the iPhone 15? These phones will be formalized in a little over a month by Apple. And for this year, the American giant should make some changes, such as larger batteries, and with more efficient technology. The firm founded by Steve Jobs also wants to reduce the edges of its most high-end devices, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

And unfortunately, this is where the shoe pinches. Indeed, the group’s screen supplier, LG Display, is currently facing a production problem. The screens of the iPhones mentioned would indeed fail the reliability tests at the production stage where the screen is fused with the metal shell.

iPhone 15 Pro © © 9To5Mac

iPhone 15 Pro render © 9To5Mac

Few iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max on sale at the exit?

What cause concern to the company while the release of these phones is not very far away. Apple is trying to reconfigure the design of the screens to finally solve the problem, but no definitive solution has yet been found. There would also remain, according to the same source, screens produced by Samsung which would ensure part of the production.

But for all that, given the advanced period of the year in which Apple finds itself, the public should expect to see the iPhone 15 Pro become very rare at the time of the formalization, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max should be even more difficult to find. Could this be the annoyance that had analysts saying that the iPhone 15 series could be released several weeks after the normal expected date?

Source : GSMArena

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