why you should get vaccinated before December 10

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With the end of year celebrations fast approaching and family reunions also, doctors are calling for vaccinations before December 10 for fragile people. For one purpose, to be protected during the holidays.

While the Covid-19 is making a comeback with a number of contaminations that have been increasing in recent days, doctors are worried. Indeed with the already significant presence of influenza and bronchiolitis in the country, the resurgence of Covid-19 can be dangerous, and for good reason it is quite possible to catch the diseases at the same time. This is why caution is called for, government, doctors and epidemiologists call for vaccination to avoid a considerable increase in hospitalizations during this ninth wave of Covid-19.

It is especially the elderly as well as the most fragile who are concerned by this recommendation: “For fragile people, very isolated and who see few people, Christmas presents a risk of being contaminated by young people”, explains Dr. Martin Blachier. But do not wait until the last moment, indeed, any vaccine requires a period of effectiveness for it to work well.

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A reminder to be made before December 10

Knowing that Christmas is coming in just over three weeks, there are very few days left to benefit from the full effectiveness of the vaccine during the holidays. It is the professor of infectious diseases Anne-Claude Crémieux who also supported the message this Wednesday, November 30 on franceinfo: “If you want to be in shape during the holidays, now is the time to protect yourself”before adding: Put on masks, put on masks when the incidence, the increase of the coronavirus is so important. This is the case today”.

A speech supported by the Ministry of Health this Tuesday, November 29, which recalled during a press briefing: “There are three weeks of mobilization left before Christmas, it is now that it is played “. While insisting on the fact that the levels of booster vaccination are still insufficient today. Anyone over the age of 60 whose last contamination with Covid-19 or the last dose is more than 6 months ago (3 months for those over 80) has the possibility and must want to take their 5th dose.

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