why you will see more and more electric cars in movies and series

General Motors has just signed an amazing partnership with Netflix, in order to integrate its cars into the productions of the American company. Thus, the group hopes to make a choice place for itself in the collective unconscious and to attract a large clientele.

If General Motors has always been renowned for its large heat engines, the American group, like most car manufacturers around the world, must review its copy. Indeed, public authorities, whether in Europe or the United States, and particularly in California, want to encourage motorists to go electric. And brands must therefore adapt.

An unprecedented partnership

Thus, General Motors wants to electrify as much as possible in the coming years. And this is on the right track, with the GMC Hummer EV and other Cadillac Lyriqs. But it’s not all about making cars, you also have to sell them, trying to convince customers. Most manufacturers, apart from Tesla, then rely on advertising spots. Like RAM which formalized its 1500 REV during the Super Bowl on the night of February 12 to 13 with a funny advertisement.

But GM wants to do things differently. This is why the American firm, headed by Mary Barra, has just announced the signing of a partnership with Netflix in a press release. The opportunity also for the group, which sold Opel to PSA in 2017, to publish a short video on YouTube featuring its cars in sets from various successful series, including Squid Games, the Bridgerton Chronicle or even Stranger Things.

But what will this new alliance between the automotive group and the American giant consist of? As GM’s marketing director explains, the company wants to ” make electric vehicles famous on streaming, small and large screens to create electric car culture through storytelling that integrates driving and ownership experiences”.

Concretely, the objective is then to increase the presence of GM electric cars in Netflix films and series, in order to bring them into the collective unconscious and make viewers want to take the plunge. Thus, this partnership should soon materialize with the arrival of General Motors models in several programs such as Love is Blind, Queer Eye a and Unstable.

A real offensive

By doing so, General Motors and Netflix hope to change mentalities around the electric car. But the streaming giant, which will soon ban you from sharing your access codes with your friends, wants to go further. Indeed, the company also plans to adopt new greener measures, reducing the energy consumption of its productionsthanks in particular to electrification.

On the side of GM, the objective is above all to make people talk about its new electric models, which have recently been launched on the market. But besides these Hummer EVs and Cadillac Lyriqs, which could arrive here as the company considers a return to Europe, other vehicles are also in the works. Among them, the Buick Electra E5, destined for China but which could arrive in Europe as well as the Chevrolet Equinox EV, which will compete with the Renault Mégane E-Tech.

An electric Corvette would also be in the pipeline, taking the form of an unprecedented SUV that should not fail to be talked about. The Hummer EV, competitor of the Tesla Cybertruck also offers an SUV variant, which competes with the Rivian R1S and which could also arrive here. But nothing has yet been said about the arrival of these models with us. It is rumored, however, that the Cadillac Lyriq would be the first vehicle of the group to make the road to Europe.

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