widow of Australian champion Alex Pullin becomes mom


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Snowboarder Alex Pullin’s wife, who died more than a year ago, gave birth to their first child through post-mortem in vitro fertilization.

A miracle baby. In 2020, Alex Pullin, the two-time Australian snowboard cross world champion, died by drowning at just 32 years old. His wife Ellidy then found herself a widow and tried as best she could to mourn. More than a year after the disappearance of her companion, the young woman has just announced good news.

On her Instagram account, Ellidy Pullin indicated the birth of their child. In the photo, we see her smiling with a little girl in her arms who goes by the name of Minnie Alex. If this miracle baby was able to see the light of day, it is thanks to post-mortem medically assisted procreation. Indeed, the young woman requested a sample of the sperm of her companion at his death in order to carry out in vitro fertilization.

Post-mortem assisted reproduction banned in France

If this method is authorized in certain countries such as Australia, it is totally prohibited in France. And the question is debated in France. On August 2, Parliament adopted a law called the “bioethics law”. The latter now extends access to assisted reproduction to lesbian couples and single women. But it excludes post-mortem PMA, despite the tabling of an amendment. The deputies refuse to vote in favor of this text because they believe that it could harm the well-being of the newborn who would be a “Remedy child” for the widow of the deceased. A theory refuted by widows who had initiated the procedures with their husbands during his lifetime. According to Jean-Louis Touraine, LREM deputy and professor of medicine, a dozen of them find themselves in this situation each year in France.

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