Wild Arena Survivors: Ubisoft unveils and launches an exotic Battle Royale with false MOBA airs on mobiles

In about ten days a new event will be organized Ubisoft Forward during which the publisher will finally make announcements there. And yet, it was this Tuesday that he chose to unveil a brand new game that came out of nowhere and launched in stride, Wild Arena Survivors, which is intended for Android and iOS devices. A cinematic trailer introduces its exotic universe:

Developped by Ubisoft Paris, this free-to-play Battle Royale pits 40 survivors on a map taking the shape of a tropical island where it is necessary to strengthen by recovering from loot and defend against local wildlife in addition to eliminating other players, all in games lasting only 10 minutes, ideal for a mobile game. In addition, it is possible to ride the wild beasts.

And if several elements of its interface remind you of the MOBA, League of Legends in mind, it is probably not insignificant since them survivors are just as many characters unique to the character design well marked. Ten are introduced on the official siteto know buck, Angus, Sgt Seung, Giallo, Malice, hoax, Crush, Icari, Sadov and Party King. You can find their descriptions on the next page. Each has its own weapons, abilities, and playstyle, and can be upgraded. Finally, two game modes are mentioned, SOLO and DUO.

If you are interested in Wild Arena Survivorsyou can download it from Google Play Where I’App Store. Otherwise, gaming smartphones are for sale on Amazon.

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