Will Cyril Hanouna lead the between-two-round debate in the 2022 presidential election? He answers: Current Woman The MAG

A proposal that had caused a lot of ink to flow … As the 2022 presidential election is fast approaching, some members of the government are starting to anticipate future televised debates which will give the floor to Emmanuel Macron for a potential second term. If the popularity of the President of the Republic has stabilized at 39%, according to the observatory of national policy BVA Orange RTL, Nevertheless, Brigitte Macron’s husband is looking for solutions to grab some additional good points. To do this, Marlene Shiappa had an idea: to elect Cyril Hanouna as moderator of the between-two-round debate. Monday April 26, 2021, the host of Do not touch My TV gave his answer.

“Young people don’t come on political shows elsewhere because it’s off-putting”

Facing his political guest, Christophe Barbier, the presenter of C8, which may soon migrate to another channel, replied bluntly: The jump-off debate, frankly, is no. But specials for the presidential elections, that’s yes “, did he declare. A final no which risks offending the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship, but which does not completely close the door to political debates on the plateau of TPMP. And for good reason, Cyril Hanouna has been keen on politics since his childhood. All the more reason to adapt your program to current events …

Indeed, Cyril Hanouna let his columnists know that he was not against the presence of candidates on his set: “We will try to mount these shows next year and that’s for sure and with the candidates! We have to get young people to vote by having a lot of entertainment and doing something more serious behind. Young people do not come on political shows elsewhere because it is off-putting. We have to bring a little bit of entertainment like we have in Balance your post “, he asserted. A perilous challenge for the troublemaker of the PAF who has already convinced three members of the government to come on his set since the existence of the show … It’s a good start!

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