will it happen or not? Keanu Reeves responds!

The Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo received Keanu Reeves who indulged in a big secret on the possible release of John Wick 5.

With each episode of John Wick, we revel in action scenes choreographed as rarely and with unfailing readability. The fourth installment will be in theaters on March 24, 2023, but what about a John Wick 5?

The fate of John Wick 5 is in your hands

When a vein is good, Hollywood tends to exploit it until more thirsty. And the John Wick saga fits this profile perfectly. In a single film, the franchise has established itself as the action series with an imperial Keanu Reeves and which owes its success to the public.

Loyal spectators from film to film who had a great influence on the pursuit of license in cinema. Therefore, to hope to see John Wick 5, it will be necessary to invade the dark rooms at the exit of the next episode.

There was never a big ulterior motive . Basically, it was just a script, a wonderful script. We had great directors with Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. And the only reason we’ve been able to make other films is because of the audience’s reception.

For me, we had the opportunity to make John Wick 2 thanks to the first one, and John Wick 3 thanks to the spectators of the two previous ones. So the only way to have the chance to make another film is to be present for John Wick 4. In any case, know that Chapter 4 was made with a lot of love. We ran it as if it were the last.

Keanu Reeves during CCXP 2022 via Large Screen.

In parallel, John Wick will have its already promising spin-off movie, The Continental TV series and maybe even a huge game in the years to come.

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