Will RAM’s just-announced electric pickup arrive before the Cybertruck?

Theoretically, the Tesla Cybertruck should be available before the RAM electric pickup in 2024. However, with the cumulative delays on Tesla’s project, it would be quite funny to see the RAM 1500 REV be delivered before the Cybertruck.

The concept of RAM’s future electric pickup was presented at CES Las Vegas in early January 2023. Barely a month later, on the occasion of the Super Bowl final on February 12, the brand has just opened registration to allow potential customers to be the first to reserve their electric pick-up. The RAM brand has decided to step up the pace to electrify its famous pickup. It makes you wonder if the RAM model could not be available to the general public before the Cybertruck. However, it is scheduled for the last quarter of 2024, i.e. in only 18 months.

In theory, Cybertruck should start production in the second half of 2023. With the first copies, the bulk of production will not begin before 2024. Unless Elon Musk comes to add last minute features to the model, like his crazy amphibious vehicle, thus postponing its production and deliveries. Nothing is impossible with Tesla.

The RAM electric pickup retains the spirit of the range

RAM seems to have bet on the same strategy as Ford with its F-150 Lightning. We discover it with the first images of the novelty. The two competitors have not really revolutionized their design to adapt to the switch to electric – the two are very similar. There are bound to be differences such as the charging socket, the front trunk (frunk) or a different grille, but they remain minimal. These two essential references on the American market don’t need to go out of their way to find their customers anyway.

RAM 1500 REV, the electric pick-up. // Source: RAM

The RAM 1500 REV, the name of this electric version, sounds like what an American pickup enthusiast might expect. That said, RAM Brand Director Mike Koval Jr. goes even further by announcing: “ We’re on an exciting electrification journey that will see RAM outpace the competition in the areas customers care about most: range, payload, towing and charging time. »

The RAM 1500 REV will inaugurate one of the new electric platforms (STLA-Frame) of the Stellantis group. We know that the group is relying heavily on these new platforms to produce a new generation of much more efficient electric vehicles. From there to fill the lead taken by some of their competitors, it’s a bit hasty.

RAM does not currently share any technical specifications. However, we can dig a little on the side of the announcements made by Carlos Tavares for Stellantis. For a model like the RAM 1500 REV, we can expect a battery whose capacity is between 159 kWh and 200 kWh, to offer up to 800 km of autonomy. It is feared that the cost of a model like this will explode because of the price of the battery.

Excerpt from the 2021 Stellantis EV Days conference // Source: Stellantis
Excerpt from the Stellantis EV Days 2021 conference. // Source: Stellantis

2 models that arrive later than the others, but could overtake them

The RAM manufacturer seems quite daring by announcing to do better than the competition. Facing the future RAM pick-up, there is Ford F-150 Lightning, the Rivian R1T, the Hummer EV, and soon, the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the essential Cybertruck will be added.

It’s hard to imagine what Stellantis can pull out of its hat to do better than all these little people. On the other hand, RAM, like Ford, benefits from a very loyal clientele to the brand. With its style, and if the promised performance is there, it could quickly become one of the most popular models in the USA.

RAM 1500 REV // Source: RAM
A good big American-style pick-up, this RAM 1500 REV. // Source: RAM

He will still probably arrive behind the Cybertruck. It has more than a million reservations worldwide, although one can imagine that many of these reservations will not be honored until it is actually available.

Cybertruck production will start in 2022 // Source: Capture YouTube Chile AI100
The first Cybertruck prototype in 2021. // Source: Capture YouTube Chile AI100

This pick-up war promises to be quite crisp. These vehicles will probably make it possible to convert part of the American population, who live outside major urban centers, to electric cars: a great challenge in perspective for all these brands.

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