Will Smith: YouTube accompanies him in losing weight

Will Smith
YouTube accompanies him in losing weight

Will Smith wants to get back in shape

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Will Smith shows his pandemic spot on Instagram – now he is planning his own fitness series on YouTube.

On May 3rd, Will had Smith (52) with him a not very favorable picture caused a sensation: on it he stands with his training jacket open in nature and shows his plauze, which he has recently been wearing instead of a six-pack. In the caption he admits, “I want to be honest with you guys: I’m in the worst shape of my life.” Now he posted another revealing pictureon which he only wears underpants. This time he looks aggressively into the camera with clear rolls of belly and fat. The actor explains that this is the body that “carried him through a complete pandemic”. He loves his body, but wants to feel better again.

So Smith is now declaring war on midnight muffins: “I’m going to get in the best shape of my life. I’m teaming up with YouTube to get my health and wellness back on the chain. Hopefully it will work!” To guarantee success, he is provided with athletes, scientists and fitness experts. The six-part show is called “Best Shape of My Life” and is scheduled to start in 2022.

Alicia Keys celebrates 20 years of “Songs in A Minor”

Will Smith isn’t the only star to start a new collaboration with YouTube. According to “Variety” musician Alicia Keys (40) is also planning a project with the video platform: “Noted”, the working title. It should accompany the musician during the studio recordings for her new album and show how she is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her album “Songs in A Minor”. The four-part documentary promises to “bring the last 20 years to the surface”.