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Many households are exempt from housing tax in 2021 … but not all. Will you receive a tax notice in your mailbox in October?

The housing tax is a local tax, collected by the State on behalf of municipalities and inter-municipal authorities, in order to finance municipal expenditure and infrastructure: nurseries, schools, sports and cultural facilities, roads, etc. This tax is criticized as being unfair because it does not take into account the income of resident households, but the area of ​​their housing. In addition, different depending on the municipality, it is based on a cadastral value of housing which is difficult to update.

The government therefore abolished this tax for a large part of the population, in addition to the most precarious people who did not pay it. Today, more than 80% of households are exempt from it for their main residence. Are you part of the remaining 20%, who will have to pay it? the government has set up a simulator, following the 2021 reform.

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So who will receive a council tax notice between October 1 and October 20? You will have to pay a tax if your Tax Reference Income (RFR) for 2020 is above the following ceilings, defined by the government: € 27.761 for 1 share; € 35.986 for 1.5 parts; € 44.211 for 2 shares; € 50.380 for 2.5 shares; € 56.549 for 3 shares; € 62.718 for 3.5 shares. Those who are just above the ceilings mentioned will be able to benefit from a 30% reduction in their housing tax in 2021.

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