Willi Herren: His ex-partner mourns the father of her children

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His ex-partner mourns the father of her children

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Mirella Fazzi cannot believe the death of her ex-partner Willi Herren: “Our children together no longer have a father.”

Mirella Fazzi and Willi Herren were a couple from 1993 to 2003. They had two children, son Stefano (born 1994) and daughter Alessia-Millane (born 2002). After the split, they remained closely connected. Fazzi reacts in shock to the death of her ex-partner: “It doesn’t go into my head that our children no longer have a father,” she wrote to the broadcaster “RTL” in a statement.

Willi Herren was her “first great love”

“He left us much too early,” continues Fazzi. “I can not believe it, he was my first great love, father of my children, best friend ever, am stunned, shocked, in a trance, petrified, just feeling emptiness”, said the Cologne woman about her current feelings. Most of all, she is now thinking of her daughter and son. “I feel sorry for my children most. They just lost their father too early. It’s all so unreal. I don’t want to and can’t believe that he is really supposed to be dead.”

Willi Herren: "Lindenstrasse"-Star died surprisingly

Willi Herren was found dead on Tuesday in his Cologne apartment. According to the preliminary autopsy result, there was “no evidence of external violence”. The result of the chemical-toxicological investigation is expected in a few weeks.