Willi Herren: How "Lindenstrasse" accompanied him all his life

"It is only through 'Lindenstrasse' that I am where I am today," Willi Herren (44) looks back gratefully at the cult series that will be shown on television for the last time next Sunday. Today's Ballermann star hired as a teenager on "Lindenstrasse" in 1992. As Fiesling Olli Klatt, he was an integral part of the series until 2007 and then returned to his role again and again with guest appearances.

"The 'Lindenstrasse' has accompanied me all my life. I grew up with the series." He very much regrets that the series is now coming to an end. "The 'Lindenstrasse' is one of the last major German series." Many had spent their childhood with the series and remained loyal to it as adults. When he heard about the removal, he had tears in his eyes.

Emotional farewell

He was very grateful that he was able to celebrate a short comeback as a ghost in one of the last episodes. "If it hadn't been for me, I think a world would have collapsed. Coming back to the set and being an actor was really an emotional farewell to the series for me. It was nice to be with everyone before all to be in front of the camera with Mother Beimer, my beloved Marie-Luise Marjan. " Marjan was like a foster mother for him. The now deceased Annemarie Wendl, who had shaped the series for years as the house dragon Else Kling, always criticized him and was sometimes very hard on him. "But that's exactly what I needed someone to do to me," remembers Herren.

When he was young, he was a bully like Olli Klatt. "Of course not in terms of size. But with Olli, of course, I had to outgrow myself and do a lot of things that didn't suit my type at all. The Nazi story in particular was very difficult and hard for him Street was very often hostile, and Olli Klatt made many people very afraid.

Sequel follows?

Like many other fans, he also hopes that the "Lindenstrasse" will make a comeback soon. "A film would of course be something very special. I think that it would touch a lot of people emotionally if something came back. Be it a spin-off or maybe the series will continue on Netflix at some point, you know it not. But that would definitely be a great thing. "