Willow Smith: That's why she's locked up in a box for 24 hours

Willow Smith (19, "Willow"), the daughter of Hollywood star Will Smith (51), is locked in a box in Los Angeles for 24 hours. At the starting shot on Wednesday evening (local time) in the Museum of Contemporary Art, however, she was not alone. The musician Tyler Cole (19) supported Smith by including himself for this period, as the "Los Angeles Times" reports.

That is behind the action

The background to the campaign is the duo's new album and dealing with fear. Smith and Cole release their joint album "The Anxiety" on Friday (March 13th). Artfully depicting what fear can do to you, spurred them on, as Smith explains: "Wouldn't it be interesting if we could embody this experience? Starting from fear and being alone and moving to a place of acceptance and joy."

Smith and Cole are said to be separated from visitors in the museum by a glass pane. It is planned to go through emotional phases of fear, such as sadness, euphoria or paranoia, and to spend three hours in each of the states. In order to express their thoughts in words or pictures, there should be screens for the duo in the box, on which they can let off steam. Smith clarified in advance: "We don't want to say: 'Our experience is the only experience. It's about our personal way of dealing with fear.'"