Wincent Weiss: His mother “didn’t recognize him anymore”

Wincent Weiss
His mother “didn’t recognize him anymore”

Wincent Weiss has released his third album “Maybe Irgendwann”

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For Wincent Weiss, depression is “not a taboo subject”. In the interview, the singer therefore speaks openly about his experience with the disease.

Wincent Weiss (28) initially did not “take his depression seriously”: “I felt very indifferent at that time”, he remembers in an interview with the news agency spot on news about the time when he first had “depressive traits “noticed in itself. For the pop singer, who released his third album “Maybe Irgendwann” on May 7th, it is important that depression and therapy are no longer “taboo subjects”. “It shouldn’t be a sign of weakness, but of strength,” emphasizes Weiss and therefore speaks openly about his experiences.

“I never took it seriously until it tore me off my shoes. […] I no longer had a positive or negative rash and that annoyed me at some point, “said the singer.” At the latest when my mum said she didn’t recognize me, “Weiss noticed that he needed help .

“There are always down phases”

But the music also helped him to cope with his depression: “The songwriting process for this album was therapy for me, I sat in the studio and talked to my producer and my songwriter friends about everything that moved me what had to get out and then packed into songs. “

During the lockdown, Weiss managed to work his way out of the depression “quite well”, “because I had time for the first time”. However, he has not yet completely overcome his illness: “There are always down phases, but it is no longer as bad as it used to be.”

Help with depression is offered by telephone counseling on the free number: 0800/111 0 111