Windows 11: an indicator for VPNs finally appears

Windows 11 Insiders have received a new update and this one brings its share of changes. Among them, an indicator that allows you to see at a glance if your VPN is working or not. Very practical.

Windows 11 continues to evolve slowly but surely with its updates. With the big fall batch over, Microsoft can focus on the details to deliver a unified experience for all users. The latest update dedicated to Insiders, build 25247, makes some interesting changes.

One of them concerns VPNs. By enabling this service in Windows settings, a new icon appears on the taskbar, superimposed with that of the internet connection. A small lock tells you that you are well protected.

Windows 11 allows you to quickly see if a VPN is activated

Please note that this indicator is currently limited. First, it only works when your computer is connected via an Ethernet cable. It also does not take into account third-party VPN applications. If you don’t meet the conditions, nothing will change for now.

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As a reminder, a VPN allows you to change your connection status, virtually placing you in a country other than the one where you are. This allows, among other things, to take advantage of the American catalog of streaming platforms, which is more complete, or to watch World Cup matches on foreign channels (not all of which are broadcast free of charge in France).

For now, this novelty (which is a detail, let’s be honest), is only available to members of the Insider program. It should be deployed at one time or another for everyone via an update. This build also brings other minor changes. For instance, many settings windows have been redesigned to harmonize with the design of the rest of the OS. This is the case of the window that allows you to rename your PC or the one that allows you to return to the previous version of Windows. Detail, again, but it shows that Microsoft wants to take care of the appearance of its baby down to the smallest corners.

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