Windows 11: the volume mixer will change its design and become even more practical

Sound settings have always been fairly basic on Windows, and the current volume mixer isn’t exactly the most interesting. However, this should change quickly, since Microsoft is preparing an update that could change everything.

Credit: @WithinRafael / Twitter

The latest Insider build of Windows 11 includes a set of audio features as well asa total redesign of the volume mixer, this small window that you can find at the bottom right of your screen to change the volume of your computer. After several years of using the same design, a complete overhaul therefore seems finally planned, and it is inspired by the best in the field.

Indeed, after activating a “flag” to reveal the new volume mixer, Insiders were pleasantly surprised to see that Microsoft had almost copied the Third Party EarTrumpet application. This last offers a lot more controls than the app built into Windows 11.

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The volume mixer becomes more versatile

Windows 11’s new Volume Mixer provides quick access from the taskbar to switching audio outputs and controlling the volume of each application. Now, for example, you can increase the volume of your conversation on Discord while decreasing that of your music on Spotify.

Previously, Windows 11 only offered universal tweaks that changed the volume of your entire machine, so you had to use third-party apps like EarTrumpet to be able to. individually change the volume of different software.

As of now, the new volume mixer has not been officially mentioned in the notes of the latest Windows update. It had to be manually activated with a new hidden option, which proves that this is still a very early test. We therefore do not expect Microsoft won’t roll it out to stable for all users for at least several months. In the meantime, we remind you that a recent update has brought a whole bunch of hidden features, and we explain how to activate them.

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