Windows 11: These changes await you soon in File Explorer


Windows 11 is continuously being further developed by Microsoft. Now it’s time for File Explorer. The Redmond company are planning a comprehensive update of the important system tool.

This is what the new File Explorer should look like in Windows 11. (Source: Windows Central)

  • Microsoft is working on a new version of File Explorer.
  • Accordingly, you get a tidy window design and integration of in-house services.
  • A release date has not yet been set.

Microsoft continues to work on the design of Windows 11 and will soon present you with a revised file explorer. This should not only make it easier for you to find your files and pictures in the future, but also to access content in OneDrive and Microsoft 365 across services.

This emerges from a report by Windows Central, which is based on an internal prototype of the Redmond company. Accordingly, the header of the window is rearranged and provided with the small symbols for copy, paste, etc. that are already familiar from the context menus. Large icons with labels, known from the predecessor, disappear completely.

More overview, OneDrive integration, recommendations

Major innovations can be found in the left sidebar. The shortcuts from Windows 10 have been moved from the top area and replaced by a home button and a OneDrive folder. Apparently you’ll find the shortcuts below that in the future, along with the system folders in a middle segment, just above “This PC”.

In the new version, the main screen in the middle shows recommended files in addition to recently used files. According to the current state of knowledge, group projects that have recently been updated or attachments from e-mails can be found here. A very useful addition, if it works.

In general, the new interface makes a very tidy, pleasing impression. It remains to be seen whether working with the new design can actually benefit from the reorganization, or whether there will be calls for an alternative “Classic” mode. A release date for the feature is not yet known.

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