Windows smashed – masked attack on ATIP headquarters

On Wednesday night, two masked people smashed several windows at the ATIB headquarters in Vienna, according to a broadcast by the Turkish Islamic Union. A total of ten windows were completely smashed and more than 5 windows were damaged.

According to the broadcast from Gudrunstraße, the suspects are said to have tried to break the window panes there first. After they failed with five panes, they tried again on Sonnleithnergasse. “Peace sign” in the camera While one of the perpetrators filmed the whole act, the second masked demolished the panes one after the other with an emergency hammer. In between, he made the “peace sign” on the camera, which is mainly used by terrorist sympathizers. “Poison for our coexistence” “The attacks are taking on worrying proportions,” explained ATIB chairman Fathi Yilmaz in the broadcast. “Such attacks are poison for our coexistence and peace in our country. As a society, we must react to such attacks with even closer cooperation and unity. We must not allow ourselves to be divided by either terrorist sympathizers or right-wing radicals.” Protective measures at mosques must be increased and prevention put on the agenda. “Every attack on mosques that allow the practice of religion must be prosecuted and punished with the utmost severity,” said Yilmaz.
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