Winners of the 4th Pegasus Ceremony: the video game Cesars award 4 prizes to the great game A Plague Tale – Requiem

The Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques held its 4th awards ceremony rewarding the best French and international video game productions released in 2022. “A Plague Tale – Requiem” is the big winner with 4 prizes.

Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques

This Thursday, March 9, the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques held its fourth awards ceremony which rewards the best French and international video game productions released in 2022. The 2,000 professionals and professionals who are members of the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques, designated the winners through a two-round vote in January and February, whose names were revealed last night.

Very nice surprise success in 2019, the game A Plague Tale – Innocencewhich retraced the poignant journey of two children in a kingdom of France ravaged by the plague in the 14th century, was rewarded with a brilliant sequel, of great darkness, and released last year: A Plague Tale – Requiem.

Still developed by the talented Bordeaux studio Asobo, of which we told you here all the good things we thought about it, the game was the big winner of the evening with no less than four prizes: narrative excellence, visual excellence, Best universe sound and the Audience Award.

We could even add a 5th, the one given to the composer Olivier Derivière, who certainly received an Honorary Prize but also signed -once again- the sublime score of this diptych, which we also recall that it will soon be adapted in series by Mathieu Turi.

Among the other rewarded titles (and mentioned on the site) is the game Elden RingPegasus for the Best Foreign Video Game of 2022. Based on a universe whose foundations were developed by George RR Martin, the Japanese studio From Software delivered with this title an extraordinary game in an open world, ruthless and fascinating peak of the Dark Fantasy, packed with hypnotic art direction.

A masterful title, of which we have not finished exhausting all the riches, which we had discussed at length. Just over a year after its release, the game has become a cultural phenomenon, selling 20 million copies.

We will end by slipping a few words on the formidable straythe first and impressive game developed by the French studio BlueTwelve, which we have not reviewed on the site for lack of time.

Published by Annapurna Interactive, the video game subsidiary of the independent Hollywood studio Annapurna Pictures (which, as a reminder, has produced beautiful nuggets like Zero Dark Thirty, Foxcatcher or Her), stray walks away with 3 awards, including Best Video Game of the Year.

What does it look like ? To that !

The story follows the journey of a stray cat who stumbles into a confined city populated by robots, machines and mutated bacteria, and sets out to return to the surface with the help of a drone companion, B-12. A magnificent journey, sometimes moving by the way, which we strongly encourage you to do if you have not yet put your hands on this game.

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