Winona Ryder reveals: Johnny Depp’s breakup was really that hard

Winona Ryder
She reveals how tough the breakup with Johnny Depp really was

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In 1989, Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp met and fell in love. Four years later, their relationship broke up. Now the actress has spoken about the difficult time after the breakup.

Winona Ryder, 50, spoke in an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” about her life phase after the failed romance with Johnny Depp, 59. In it, the “Stranger Things” actor reveals that after 1993 she scarred her soul a lot and didn’t take care of herself.

Winona Ryder: “I just didn’t take care of myself”

The actress compares her life at that time with her role in the film “The Haunted House”. In the 1993 film, Ryder played a young woman who was being tortured in a Chilean prison. “I saw these fake bruises and cuts on my face [von den Dreharbeiten] and it was hard for me to see myself as this little girl. […] I remember looking at myself and saying, ‘This is what I’m doing to myself inside.’ Because I just wasn’t taking care of myself,” Ryder told Harper’s Bazaar.

After the separation from Depp, her friends stood by her side. Among them was Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, who assured Winona that the difficult time would soon pass. But then-22-year-old Winona Ryder “couldn’t hear it.” It was a phase she never spoke about.

That’s what she says about the allegations of violence from Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard

Despite the split, Ryder insists her love for Johnny Depp was an “important” time and relationship in her life. She was all the more shocked by the allegations by Amber Heard, 36, against Depp. “I’m not calling anyone a liar. I’m just saying it’s difficult and troubling for me to understand,” the 50-year-old said.

Although their romance is now 29 years old, she is concerned with the topic. “We were together for four years and it was an important relationship for me. Imagine someone you were dating – I was 17 when I met him – being accused of something like that,” Ryder said. “It’s just shocking. I’ve never seen him be violent towards anyone.”

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