Winston Churchill, that poor “son of”

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PORTRAIT. Born into an illustrious but penniless aristocratic family, the young Churchill grew up in the shadow of parents whom he adored but who despised him.

By Laurence Moreau

Winston Churchill at the age of 7. Like his brother, he knows no other attentions than those of his nanny, Mrs Everest, who will remain his home port until adulthood.
© TopFoto/Roger-Viollet

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“Iwas a child of the Victorian era, when our country seemed to be on solid ground, when its commercial and maritime position was unrivalled, and when the feeling of the greatness of our Empire and of our duty to safeguard it was only growing every day. » So Winston Churchill begins my young years, his Memoirs of Youth, which he published in 1930, at the age of 56. He was then one of the most prominent politicians, but also one of the most controversial, on the British scene. He believes in his destiny and intends to become prime minister one day.

Why then not write his memoirs? Recount his youth, present his illustrious family and recall his exploits as a young second lieutenant of cavalry during the last colonial wars, including i…

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