Winter fashion: How we look slim despite a thick jacket

Winter fashion
How we look slim despite a thick jacket

Filippa Hägg and Felicia Akerstrom know how to look slim despite thick winter fashion

© imago images / Runway Manhattan

The eternal winter problem: look stylish and freeze or look ten kilos heavier in a shapeless winter jacket? There is another way.

Freezing temperatures are a real dilemma for fashion-conscious women: look good and freeze or walk around wrapped up like the Michelin man? Decisions are usually anything but rational and the insight only comes when you lie in bed with a cold. But it doesn't have to get that far. With a few simple tricks, even the thickest winter jacket looks stylish.

Thick at the top, thin at the bottom

The most important rule when it comes to winter jacket styling is proportions. Since the thick padding is very thick, the cuts at the bottom should be rather narrow. Tight jeans and leggings literally fit best here. Tight skirts in combination with opaque tights also ensure the right silhouette.

Layer upon layer

Who would have thought that? Layering is also possible with a down jacket! Simply throw a large scarf or trendy poncho over your winter outfit. Breaks in style and color are absolutely fine. The look is also loosened up when different lengths are involved.

The waist belt does it

If the figure is completely lost because of the down lining, there is often only one thing left to do: the waist belt. The fashion accessory is a real miracle tool when it comes to conjuring up a feminine figure. The designers have also recognized this and supply the stretchable belt with many winter jackets.