Winter fruit: why you should eat the white threads in tangerines

Popular winter fruit
Why we should eat the white threads in tangerines

Can you also eat the whites of tangerines?

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Some take forever to peel them off, others just eat them with little fuss: the white threads that get caught on the flesh when the mandarins are peeled. Who is doing it right now? We clarify.

Mandarins and Christmas – they just belong together. In the cold season we use citrus fruits as often as we don’t all year round. Which is of course due to the fact that the high season for mandarins is from November to March.

The orange-colored minis are the perfect snack at any time of the day, but for some they represent a real challenge. When peeling the delicious citrus fruits, the annoying white threads that block the way to the juicy pulp and are often meticulously peeled off are annoying. It is advisable to eat the white, because it is the best thing about the whole fruit.

Instead of carefully peeling the mandarins, leave white threads on them

Scientifically, the white intermediate layer is known as the mesocarp or albedo. That means something like “middle fruit”. And even if it looks a bit unsavory and can taste bitter, it is edible – and very healthy too.

That is how healthy the white threads are

The intermediate layer has at least as many vitamins as the juicy pulp. The white threads contain lots of vitamin C and secondary plant substances such as flavanoids, which, according to scientific studies, have positive effects on the human organism. According to this, they can, among other things, strengthen the body’s own defense mechanisms, prevent cardiovascular diseases, through their function as cell protectors, slow down cell aging and protect against cancer.

Above all, the white threads consist of indigestible fiber. These stay longer in our digestive system and delay the feeling of hunger – so they have a filling effect. The same goes for other citrus fruits. So instead of spending all the time rubbing off the fruit the next time, use the time wisely.

Do you not only use mandarins a lot in winter, but also nuts? This trick makes the superfood even healthier!

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