Winter tip: This secret ingredient in coffee helps you lose weight

Winter tip
This secret ingredient in coffee helps you lose weight

You are guaranteed to have an exciting and, above all, healthy alternative to sugar and milk at home.


Those who go on a diet know that they have to do without. On chocolate, chips, alcohol – but luckily not necessarily on coffee! And together with the right secret ingredient, you can really boost fat burning again.

Black coffee? Or do you prefer a lot of milk foam and sugar? There is good news for everyone who likes coffee best but is currently trying to avoid unnecessary sugar or milk in their coffee.

That’s why this spice in coffee is so healthy

A sweetener alternative that is not only significantly lower in calories, but at the same time also properly heats up the fat burning, so that the pounds tumble and even has a few other health benefits up your sleeve. In the video we tell you which delicious spice it is and what it can do.

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