Wissing in “ntv Frühstart”: “Federal emergency brake was political helplessness”

Wissing in the “ntv early start”
“Federal emergency brake was political helplessness”

FDP General Secretary Wissing does not see the emergency brake as a success in improving the Corona situation. Rather, vaccinating helps. And you could be a lot further. For him, the way in which the pandemic is combated is an expression of how unfashionable Germany is in parts.

The incidences are falling and the third wave appears to be broken. For FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing, the federal emergency brake has little to do with this positive development. “The federal emergency brake was a rough measure that stemmed more from political helplessness,” said the “ntv early start”. Rather, he sees the successes with the increasing vaccination rate: “It is crucial that the vaccination has preceded it on site. Vaccination has always been the decisive solution to fighting this pandemic. And we could have been further if the federal government hadn’t made the vaccine like this procured slowly. “

Wissing went on to say that the pandemic had revealed many gaps in the system: “When you see how Germany fought the pandemic, the country looks largely out of date and out of date.” You have to “advance digitization as quickly as possible”.

The digitization offensive will also be a big topic at the FDP party congress that begins today. The party also wants to set the program for the upcoming federal election. “We want to go back to a strong social market economy because we have just seen that the inertia of state planning only brings disadvantages to our country. We want to shake up Germany and play again in international competition,” said the Secretary General.

“Every form of anti-Semitism is an attack” on the raison d’être

In addition, an urgency motion on current developments in Israel will be introduced at the FDP party congress. The basis is a draft by the federal executive committee. Wissing calls for a political solution to the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The FDP politician sees Germany in an important role. “The federal government, the European partners and the USA must make an effort to achieve a diplomatic solution.”

The Secretary General emphasizes that Germany has an important responsibility towards Israel’s security: “After the Shoah, we have the responsibility that Israel is protected and that there is peaceful coexistence there. We need the two-state solution in peace.”

The FDP politician worries that the Middle East conflict has already spilled over into Germany. “Anti-Semitism has always been there. Germany has a great responsibility that we do not overlook these things, but rather tackle them with determination,” he said. “Anti-Semitism must not spread again. Any form of anti-Semitism is also an attack on the raison d’être of the Federal Republic of Germany.”