Witbe: Channel Four Television Corporation chooses the group to supervise and improve the quality of its streaming application

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(Boursier.com) — Witbe leader in Quality of User Experience (QoE) Monitoring of video services, is pleased to have been selected by Channel Four Television Corporation – public broadcasting group in the United Kingdom – provider of the largest free streaming service in the Kingdom -United, including multiple TV channels including E4, More4, Film4 and 4seven.

The Channel 4 streaming app is available on many devices – set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, web, Smart TVs, etc. Witbe’s test and control technologies make it possible to automate all the tests to be carried out on each device for each new update, tasks which are traditionally done manually. Automating these repetitive and laborious tasks increases the efficiency of Channel 4 teams, and leaves them more time for other stages of the testing and development processes.

“We offer the C4 streaming service on a wide range of consumer devices, and our mission is to deliver an impeccable consumer experience on every one of them,” said Dave Cameron, Director of Products for Channel 4. “This “Partnering with Witbe allows our testing teams to work more efficiently with reliable automation technology.”

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