Witch hair: what is it and how to get rid of it

Witch hair
Eeene meene meck, the hair on the chin has to go!

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Sounds mean, but the wild-sprouting bristles on the chin get their name. Our author has put together what can be done against witch hair.

by Linda Berger

I used to be afraid of older women whose hair had grown out of moles on their faces, because I always thought of Hansel and Gretel, today I’m the witch with the hair on my chin. Well, it’s not that bad yet. Still, I’ve already removed one or the other wild witch hair. Sooner or later it will overtake us all. And as always, the hormones are to blame.

What is a witch hair anyway?

They are called witch hair or devil hair scattered, bristly hair, which sprout mainly on the chin. You can recognize a witch’s hair by the fact that it is longer and thicker is than the rest of the hair on your face and you just can’t get rid of it. As soon as it is plucked, it grows back again – to tear your hair!

Why does witch hair grow on my chin?

Possible causes for the wild hair on the chin can be hormonal changes, especially a lack of estrogen or excess testosterone. Overweight women or women going through menopause are therefore particularly often affected by the unsightly hairs, as the hormone balance then often gets mixed up. The same thing happens with severe weight loss. But also a Genetic defect can sprout witch hair.

Can you pluck a witch’s hair out of a birthmark?

Like and like like to join – that’s how it is with Birthmarks and witch hair. Are both not particularly handsome and like to team up. The reason: A birthmark is a pigment disorder and this disorder in turn induces other cell types, such as hair cells, to be precise to settle in the same place. The result is a witch’s hair that grows out of the birthmark. Dreamlike.

You should not pluck the stray hair in the birthmark, because:

  1. so always new Irritation and possibly also Inflammation can arise in the birthmark
  2. thereby pathological Changes in the surface of the skin of the birthmark could be favored

Witch hair: how do I get rid of those nasty hairs?

If the witch hair doesn’t grow out of a birthmark, it can just do it with one Tweezers removed become. Shave, wax and epilate are of course also alternatives to hair removal. If the hair is very annoying or grows back quickly, you can do it too laser to let. The root of the hair is destroyed and you have long-term peace.