Witchfire becomes open-world, but is pushed back to 2023

witchfire is slowly starting to become a real Arlesian, even if its return during the Summer Game Fest has left us with hope that the game will finally find its way to release. We were expecting it this way for the end of the year, with early access which should allow us to quickly discover the game. We now have to put an end to this option, since early access is pushed back to 2023. But behind this bad news, there is a more encouraging one.

The structure of the game changes completely

Yes, witchfire is postponed to 2023, but for a specific reason. Initially, the FPS was designed with an arena construction, but the ambitions of the studio The Astronauts have changed. From now on, witchfire will be an open-world gamewhich necessarily changes the team’s schedule.

The studio’s co-founder, Adrian Chmielarzexpresses himself on this new orientation:

It makes the game better. It’s a little hard for me to imagine that the player didn’t have that freedom before. Of course, you can still be trapped by the witch in such and such a place, and some doors will be locked until you find a key, and it might be too dangerous to enter areas closer to the boss before you get there. be prepared, but the world is wide open for you to explore in almost any order, and you can both move forward and backward as you please. »

We won’t play witchfire in 2022, but the studio still promises to give us news from this month of Octoberwithin a week or two.

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