With a wave of the hand: Ronaldo conjures up billions of shares

With a wave of the hand
Ronaldo conjures up billions in stock value

Cristiano Ronaldo is a sporting giant. But it is also admired by many people next to the square. At the European Championships, one drink did not suit him. He made it go away. Immediately the share price of an EM sponsor gave way.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a giant. On the pitch where he is currently preparing for another entry in the history books – he is only three hits short of his 109th international goal, the current record for Ali Daeis, the former Iranian national player. But Ronaldo is also a giant on social media. He has 299 million followers on Instagram, more than other people or companies in the world (excluding Instagram).

At the current European Championship, Ronaldo developed another quality. The 36-year-old can inflict billions in price losses on companies with just one hand movement. It happened like this: Ronaldo lives according to a plan that has been worked out down to the smallest detail. He doesn’t want to harm his body. Because in addition to his talent, his will to reinvent himself even at an advanced age and his greed, it is precisely this body that has given him a world career and that has puzzled the world of football for more than a decade : Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Who’s the best ever, who’s the GOAT?

These questions are diligently discussed on social media, across all language barriers, all that is needed is a word, a trademark. Who are you? Messi or CR7, as the striker, who is still playing at Juventus, calls himself based on his shirt number.

Drink more water!

And so it came about that Ronaldo let share prices collapse with just one wave of the hand. He was only annoyed by the two bottles from the European Championship sponsor Coca-Cola that were on the podium at the press conference for Portugal’s European Championship kick-off in Hungary. He removed it, shouted “Agua!”, Meaning water, and a little later the price of a giant beverage gave way by 1.6 percent.

The company’s market value dropped $ 4 billion to $ 238 billion. The US company was calm and commented: “Everyone has a right to their drink preferences.” Ronaldo scored two goals in the subsequent game against Hungary, becoming the record scorer in the European Championship and getting closer to the all-time Daei record.

France’s Paul Pogba took Ronaldo as an example after his outstanding performance in the European Championship opening game against Germany. Freshly named player of the game, he looked around, saw a beer bottle draped in front of him, and placed it under the podium. Although it was an alcohol-free version of the European Championship sponsor Heineken, the French who converted to Islam did not care. Beer is beer. The Coca-Cola bottles stopped.