With AI Eraser, OnePlus takes its first steps into the world of artificial intelligence

Rather discreet on the subject until now, OnePlus is entering the race for artificial intelligence with an update dedicated to its recent smartphones. It will bring them a function called AI Eraser, which is reminiscent of a Pixel classic, the Magic Eraser function inaugurated in 2021. It is nevertheless a proprietary function for OnePlus, based on its own language model ( LLM), which was recently added to ColorOS, the Chinese version of the manufacturer’s interface.

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Concretely, the AI ​​Eraser functionality promises to be identical to the options for removing unwanted elements in photos that are found not only on Pixels, but also on Samsung’s latest smartphones. OnePlus specifies that “AI Eraser lets you effortlessly select and delete unwanted objects from Photo Gallery. […] The AI ​​analyzes the selected area and automatically generates a replacement background that blends seamlessly into the immediate surroundings, while adapting to the style of the image.. However, it is clear that the “images of photographic perfection” mentioned by OnePlus do not quite correspond to the examples provided by the brand, where we still note visible defects.

OnePlus AI Eraser (after)

OnePlus AI Eraser (front)

This addition inaugurates a suite of functions powered by artificial intelligence in the OnePlus universe, the brand indicating that “AI Eraser is the first step in our vision to unlock creativity with AI and revolutionize the future of photo editing”. Nicole Zhang, in charge of AI at OnePlus, highlights the manufacturer’s desire “to increase practicality and efficiency” of its products, giving hope that the scope of AI will not be limited to the world of photo editing. It is indeed a “OnePlus AI” sequel that the brand is talking about.

We will soon be able to try the effectiveness of AI Eraser for ourselves, since OnePlus announces the deployment of this functionality in April 2024 on its 12, 12R, Open models, but also on its 11 smartphone and on its entire recent Nord CE 4, to date only announced for the Indian market.

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