with Finom, creating your business has never been so fast

The Finom platform facilitates the obtaining of a capital deposit certificate, a compulsory step for thousands of new companies each year.

Becoming your own boss, a French dream? According to INSEE, business creations jumped from +24% between 2020 and 2021. However, entrepreneurs often come up against the complexity of the French administration. Among the thousand and one formalities required to create a company of the SA, SARL, SAS, EURL or SASU type, the latter must for example provide a capital deposit certificate.

Record time

The procedure is altogether common: on the 995000 companies which were born in 2021, nearly 271000 had a legal status obliging them to comply. To obtain their precious sesame, however, entrepreneurs must arm themselves with patience. Between the visit to the notary, the appointment at the bank and the signing of the certificate, 7 days flow on average. A period that can extend up to Several weeks in some cases.

Anyway, that was before. Because several fintechs have changed the situation. The best known is called Qonto, and allows you to obtain a capital deposit certificate in the space of 72 hours. But for those in a hurry, the B2B financial services platform Finom is now able to reduce this time by an additional day. A first.

In France, the waiting period for a commercial company to obtain its certificate of capital deposit and start its activity is still too long, which constitutes a brake on entrepreneurial dynamism. This is why, at Finom, we have endeavored to reduce this delay, explains Olivier Binet, Finom’s director of operations for France.

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A cost of 64 euros

Faster, this new service is also less expensive. His cost: 64 euros, against 69euros at Qonto and Shine, or 100euros at Anytime. The process is fully digitized, and customers only pay when the certificate is issued.

To obtain a certificate, Finom customers must provide the details of the company they wish to register, make a transfer to the account of the notary approved by Finom, so that the platform can sign the capital deposit certificate. Finom then performs a remote identity check. Once the funds are received, the certificate is signed in less than 48 hours.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Finom obtained its e-money license in November 2021 and offers financial management, invoicing and banking services to professionals. Fintech raised 16.8million euros in 2020, and wishes to continue its development in France, Germany and Italy. She plans to reach 1million customers by 2025.

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