“With Nachruck”: Thuringia urges police officers to abide by the constitution

“With Nachruck”
Thuringia urges police officers to be constitutional

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia has classified the AfD as “definitely extremist” and is monitoring Björn Höcke’s party in the Free State. The Ministry of the Interior apparently believes it is necessary to remind the police in the country of their constitutional oath. No problem for the union.

After the AfD in Thuringia was classified as extremist, the police officers in the country were reminded of their loyalty to the constitution. The Ministry of the Interior in Erfurt announced that a corresponding instruction was sent at the end of July. In the letter, officials were “emphatically” advised of their loyalty to the Constitution. In the event of violations, there is a risk of disciplinary action and consequences under labor law.

Membership in the AfD regional association is an important indicator of a violation, it said. However, each individual case must be examined and other aspects must be included in the assessment. The police officers had to sign the instruction. According to the Interior Ministry, led by the SPD, there is no review of party memberships among police officers.

Police Union: “It’s okay”

From the point of view of the police unions, the process is fine. Instructions are normal for the police, said the vice of the Thuringia Police Union, Thorsten Scholz. A link with a political party is new to him. With regard to the classification of the AfD, however, he said: “It would have been more of a problem if it had not been done.” However, it is important that an individual examination is carried out in each case. The head of the German Police Union of Thuringia, Jürgen Hoffmann, also thinks the letter is “okay”.

AfD party and parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke criticized the actions of the police leadership and the government. In the MDR he spoke of “mafia-like structures” in this context. Other employees of the interior department were also informed in a circular from the ministry that the AfD was classified as a suspected case and were instructed about its loyalty to the constitution. The Thuringian AfD is classified as “secured extremist” by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and has been observed since spring.

In Thuringia, a red-red-green government ruled by the left. The coalition does not have its own parliamentary majority. The quick new election that had actually been agreed ultimately failed because of the CDU votes required for it in the state parliament.