With plug and power – Ferrari 296 GTB: first V6 sports car since the Dino

Ferrari has not built a six-cylinder sports car since the Dino. Now there is an unofficial successor. Supported by turbo and electric motor, of course.

Ferrari is adding the F 296 GTB to its family of two-seater mid-engined sports cars. The plug-in hybrid with V6 turbo ranks between the V8 sports car F8 and the hypercar SF90 in terms of price and performance. The market launch should take place in 2022 at prices from around 270,000 euros plus NoVA. A lightweight construction package is available for around 30,000 euros extra.

New 2.9 liter V6
The brand’s second plug-in hybrid combines a charged V6 petrol engine with an electric motor for the first time. The 2.9 liter turbo has been completely redesigned, delivers 663 hp and rotates up to 8500 tours. In addition, there is 122 kW / 167 PS from the electric motor, which means that up to 610 kW / 830 PS can be sent to the rear axle. The system torque is 740 Nm. A modified version of the eight-speed automatic transmission known from the SF90 is used for power transmission.

The hybrid drive catapults the mid-engine athlete, who weighs 1470 kilograms in the best case, to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, and the speedometer shows 200 km / h in 7.3 seconds. The maximum speed is beyond 330 km / h. All-electric driving is possible up to a speed of 135, and the GTB covers a maximum of 25 kilometers with no emissions. The manufacturer has not yet given any standard consumption values ​​for the 100-kilometer route.

Visually, the almost 4.57 meter long Ferrari shows the typical mid-engine proportions with a short front and a long rear. The black painted A-pillars, which make the roof appear to be floating, are striking. There are also strongly curved rear fenders with large air inlets and a vertical crest rear. For aesthetic reasons, Ferrari does without attached wings and spoilers, and lets the body take care of their aerodynamic tasks as usual.