With Tower of Fantasy, Tencent picks up the audience of Genshin Impact

Developed in China by Hotta Studio and supported here by Level Infinite, the international label of Tencent Games, Tower of Fantasy first stands out from Genshin Impact by its world with futuristic accents, but also by the fact that it does not rely entirely on an accumulation of characters. Here, the player starts by choosing a male or female avatar and then customizes it down to the smallest detail. Moreover, this protagonist is not mute, unlike the Traveler in Genshin Impact who lets Paimon do the chatting for him.

Of course, the shared open world has things in common with Genshin Impactlike the climbing and sprinting system governed by a stamina bar, but vehicles spice up the exploration, like this futuristic motorbike hurtling through the landscapes of the game. in real time relies on enemy elemental weaknesses and, again, Tower of Fantasy does not do everything like its Chinese cousin since we only control its avatar.

Instead of switching characters mid-battle, Tower of Fantasy simply makes us swap his weapons among the 3 that can be equipped in advance. This is how you alternate between the elements and the appropriate skills. Note that you can come across other players in the open world at any time, but that PvP takes place in separate arenas. For the small MMO side, a guild system will be present to quickly find aisles for dungeons, raids and events.

The rewards ? The usual materials to increase your abilities, your weapons and of course to have the right to make invocations, which are the basis of the economic model of everything gacha. And since it’s not betting on character collection, the lottery of Tower of Fantasy relies on arms. Summons are therefore used to obtain weapons of different rarity levels and which change the appearance of the character.

The international release of Tower of Fantasy is expected by September 2022 on Steam, Epic Games Store, iOS and Android. No console version has been announced at this time. The game will however be available in eight languages ​​(French, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian) and registrations are now open on the official website.

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