With voucher codes into the new year: cordless vacuum cleaners and other technology highlights at Geekmaxi


With these products Geekmaxi would like to support you in keeping your good intentions. More exercise, more frequent cleaning – and save more money. We have the coupon codes for it.

Geekmaxi always offers products and bargains that are rarely or not at all to be found at other retailers such as Media Markt, Otto and Amazon. The Xiaomi vacuum cleaners of the Jimmy series can be particularly worthwhile if devices from Dyson, for example, are too expensive for you. In the following overview we will show you which deals you can currently save with.

Geekmaxi is a Chinese shop with warehouses in both the EU and China. When shipping from the EU warehouses, you do not have to pay any customs duties, but if the goods come from the Chinese warehouses, you have to be prepared for additional costs.

For the following products we have voucher codes with which you can get even more discounts at Geekmaxi – even on goods that have already been reduced. If you’ve got more fitness or a cleaner apartment on your New Year’s resolution list, take a look at these deals. The voucher codes also support the resolution to save even more money in the New Year.

ACGAM T02P 2in1
€ 251.99€ 266.99-5% Geekmaxi

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.

New year resolutions? The ACGAM T02P 2in1 is a smart folding treadmill that is easy to store and mobile. Geekmaxi regularly charges 266 euros for the device with the Coupon code EJR6FQY6 but you can buy it for only 274.99 euros. Comparative prices are difficult to determine, but are significantly higher.


Roborock S7

Roborock S7
€ 479.99€ 499.99-4% Geekmaxi

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.

The Roborock S7 currently costs you 479.99 euros at Geekmaxi, if you have the Coupon code BMXYN8C5 when ordering. The next best price is over 500 euros. A fair price.


Xiaomi JIMMY H8 cordless vacuum cleaner

Jimmy H8 cordless vacuum cleaner
€ 164.99€ 209.99-21% Geekmaxi

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.

The Jimmy H8 cordless vacuum cleaner normally costs 209.99 euros. You can currently get the device for 169.99 euros. With the Code CAsjauN3 you save an additional 5 euros on checkout. The vacuum cleaner has an auto mode that automatically adjusts the suction power. In addition, it can be used for 60 minutes until it has to be recharged on the charger. The battery is replaceable and can be charged directly on the device or separately.


Xiaomi JIMMY JV85 Pro cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner
€ 179.99€ 199.99-10% Geekmaxi

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.

At Geekmaxi you receive the coupon code xWN52c4w 20 euros discount on the Jimmy JV85 from Xiaomi. The vacuum cleaner is battery operated and can be used anywhere in the house. In total, a working time of 60 minutes is possible with a suction force of 185 AW without charge.


Jimmy PowerWash HW8 Pro cordless dry wet vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 anti-mite vacuum cleaner

What payment options are there at Geekmaxi?

Geekmaxi offers a range of payment options in the online shop. These include PayPal, credit card and instant transfer.

What are the shipping costs at Geekmaxi?

Geekmaxi promises you free shipping with Europe Express from an order value of 39.99 euros. Shipping does NOT apply to heavy or relatively large products.

Are there any customs duties at Geekmaxi?

Geekmaxi ships products from an EU warehouse or from a Chinese warehouse. All goods from the EU warehouse are duty-free, but you have to pay customs duties for goods sent from the Chinese warehouse.

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