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Thomas Jouannet embodies one of the main characters of the new Prometheus series, broadcast on TF1 from Thursday March 16. The actor shares his life for many years with another actress, also popular…

In 30 years back, Thomas Jouannet has embodied more than 60 characters for the small screen. His first appearance dates back to 1993, it was for the series first kisses. He had entered the skin of a certain Yvan for episode 167. Today, it is in the series Prometheus that he caused a sensation alongside Camille Lou and Marie-Josée Croze, the first episode being broadcast this Thursday March 16 on TF1. Meanwhile, we saw it in Les Cordiers, judge and cop, The Dominici case, Candice Renoir Or Léo Mattaï, Brigade of minors, produced by Jean-Luc Reichmann. At the same time, on the private side, he shared an idyll with an equally famous actress until 2003, Alexandra Lamyis currently starring in the film The room of wondersand with whom he had a first daughter named Chloé and born in 1997. After his breakup, Thomas Jouannet met Armelle Deutsch with whom he is married in 2010. From their love were born two girls : Mado and Ysee.

In an interview given to Entertainment TV some time ago, the actor spoke of this relationship which has lasted for ten years. “Living together, whatever happens, is not the easiest thing to do. Sharing my life with an actress suits me. We share the same interests, we have mutual friends… What’s great is that we both work. If there was an imbalance, it could be more complicated…” he confided, taking up in his own way the famous adage “To live happy, live hidden” specifying : “Sometimes I think that maybe I should expose myself a little more, but I will not force the natural. It is true that Armelle Deutsch is just as discreet as him about their private life.

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Armelle Deutsch rewarded twice

But this actress from Bouches-du-Rhône and who has just celebrated her 44 years has multiplied the appearances on television too. Indeed, Armelle Deutsch has played in several series since 2000, including Navaro, Maigret, The judge is a woman, Falcon… or Candice Renoir And Léo Mattaï, Brigades of minors. Just like Thomas Jouannet!

Seen in about twenty films and in the theater, Armelle Deutsch has also accepted several roles for the cinema, more particularly in the 2000s. Closet by Francis Veber (2001), in which she became Ariane. Lately it’s in choir of rockers by Ida Techer and Luc Bricault that she made an appearance (2002). So many characters and talent that allowed him to be distinguished at the Luchon Television Film Festival in 2007 for her role in A woman at the sea and nine years later at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival for Harassed. Multiplying the activities and in a completely different register, she opened the Chez Arti bistro in Lavardin (41) in 2019, with one of his friends.


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