Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Biden becomes less popular

Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Biden becomes less popular

Most Americans think it is good that the US is withdrawing from Afghanistan. But the way has met with criticism. President Biden is therefore losing approval.

Given the chaos in Afghanistan, a survey shows that a large majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the way in which US President Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of troops to go. 74 percent of respondents said the US had handled the withdrawal badly, as the broadcaster CBS announced – although 63 percent were in favor of a withdrawal of the American armed forces itself. Biden’s approval ratings also decreased significantly: Only 50 percent were satisfied with the way Biden is doing his job. Last month it was 58 percent, in March it was even 62 percent.

Almost two in three respondents did not believe that Biden had a clear plan for evacuating American civilians from Afghanistan. Fifty-nine percent said the US was not doing enough to help Afghans who wanted to flee the Taliban. 62 percent of those surveyed gave the Democrat Biden complicity in the Taliban’s takeover – significantly more than his Republican predecessor Donald Trump (50 percent). 60 percent assumed that the terrorist threat to the United States would increase with the Taliban’s takeover.

The Yougov Institute surveyed 2,142 adults in the United States for CBS. The poll took place between August 18th and 20th. The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan on August 15. The day before, the US had started its evacuation mission.