Without an oven: 15-minute recipe for fresh bread rolls from the pan

Pan buns
Lightning recipe for crispy, fluffy rolls without an oven

This delicious recipe proves that you don’t need an oven for fresh rolls.


Fresh out of the oven? No, with this recipe the rolls come fresh from the pan – after just 15 minutes of preparation time!

A crispy crust, fluffy crumb and only then this smell … No, we’re not talking about freshly baked rolls here, but about freshly fried ones! Because in this delicious recipe, the round pieces come out of the pan hot and crispy – after just a few minutes.

Breakfast is ready! Lightning recipe for pan rolls

If you also want to serve something other than fried eggs from the pan for breakfast, we show the few ingredients and steps you need for the delicious pan rolls in the video.

Source used: chefkoch.de