Without Corona, she would already be married

Without Corona, she would already be married

Fiona Erdmann in January of last year.

© imago images / Photopress Müller

Ex- "GNTM" candidate Fiona Erdmann would already be a married woman if it weren't for Corona. She now revealed in an interview.

Ex- "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate Fiona Erdmann (31) breaks her silence and speaks for the first time in public about her partner Mohammed. That's how she met him in a beach restaurant, revealed the mother of the five-month-old Leo in the "Bild" interview. Both would have worked there with the laptop, while the other visitors would have enjoyed themselves.

That is also what connects them: "We are both very focused and we make sure that we achieve our goals." One then got into conversation there "and somehow that just happened." Even a wedding was planned last year, but everything fell into the water because of Corona.

Where does she want to raise Leo

The common child was also "not a mistake", but the wish of the couple. As a mother, she believes in "rules and values", which is why she suspects that her son will "not have it that easy with me". “The most important thing is gratitude and awe for what you have,” says Erdmann.

Your son will learn from the start that he has to learn his future. Her mother also only paid her rent for three months when she moved out at the age of 15: "I had to take care of the rest myself." That's why she learned early on to deal with money and be economical. In her adopted home of Dubai she is therefore not interested in expensive things.