Witnesses stopped him – a drunk motorcyclist fled after an accident

Intoxicated, a Czech caused an accident with a driving school car on his motorcycle in Traun and then wanted to flee. Passers-by could still stop him.

A 45-year-old Czech citizen drove on a motorcycle that was not registered for traffic on the B1 in the direction of Wels. In the municipality of Traun, according to witnesses, he overtook two cars that were driving in the left lane at extremely high speed in the right lane and steered his motorcycle into the left lane just before a truck. He overlooked a driving school car that was driving next to the truck. The biker tried to brake, hit the curb and collided with the driving school car.

No driver’s license, but intoxication
As a result, the two-wheeled vehicle overturned several times and came to a standstill after a few meters on the road. Then the man got up on his own. After the ambulance arrived, he fled from the scene of the accident. But passers-by managed to stop the man. He suffered injuries of indefinite degree. After the alcohol pre-test revealed the suspicion of considerable alcoholization, he refused the test with the calibrated alcohol. Because he does not have one, his driver’s license could not be taken away. It will be reported to the Linz-Land district administration.

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