Wladimir Klitschko: He's talking about daughter Kaya

Wladimir Klitschko
Surprisingly frank words about daughter Kaya

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Wladimir Klitschko chats a little out of the box when it comes to upbringing. What kind of father is he with daughter Kaya?

Wladimir Klitschko, 44, does not often talk about his private life, which largely consists of daughter Kaya, 6. So it is understandable that the public listens very carefully when the former boxer reminisces about his childhood or unpacks a few details about raising his daughter with US actress Hadyen Panettiere, 31.

Wladimir Klitschko: "Lovingly, but also consistently"

With Wladimir's statements about his parents, one could think that the 44-year-old is a rather strict father himself. Today he still listens to his mother "without ifs and buts", he says in an interview with "Bunte" on the occasion of the publication of his motivational book "FACE the Challenge" and tells a story about his father that has shaped him a lot: "Vitali and I had to clean his shoes and take care of his belt. When the shoes seemed uncleaned, he woke me and Vitali at midnight. We had to go again. I never forgot. "

But Vladimir himself describes his style of upbringing as "loving, but also consistent". Despite all the consistency, it is important to him to give Kaya her freedom. "I'm not a helicopter dad. Overprotection is harmful to healthy development."

"Kaya can do some things better than me"

He also learns a lot from his daughter, he says. "She also loves challenges. And some things she can do better than me, for example riding. During the Corona months I spent so much time with my daughter. That was wonderful." Back in December of last year, Wladimir described homeschooling in the corona crisis to RTL as his personal highlight. During this time he learned a lot about his daughter and how to deal with her.

As for a new love, Vladimir is confident: "I'm still young, the world lies ahead of me. A world full of exciting encounters. And I have enough life experience to feel what I want. And what I don't want."

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