Wolf-Dieter Poschmann: Former ZDF sports director died at the age of 70

Wolf-Dieter Poschmann
Former ZDF sports director died at the age of 70

Wolf-Dieter Poschmann worked for ZDF for many years.

© ZDF / Kerstin Bänsch

The former athlete and sports presenter Wolf-Dieter Poschmann is dead. He died last Friday.

Wolf-Dieter Poschmann (1951-2021) is dead. The former athlete, who later became a ZDF sports legend, died last Friday in Mainz after a brief, serious illness. The broadcaster announced this on August 30th. Poschmann was 70 years old.

The sports journalist and reporter had worked since the mid-1980s, first as an intern and then as a freelancer for ZDF, before he was permanently employed as an editor in the main sports department in 1993 and became head two years later. In 2005 he became chief reporter for the sports editorial team. He also moderated the “current sports studio” between 1994 and 2011.

He was present at many major events

Poschmann was also often present at the Olympics, European and World Cups and other major events – also as a commentator. He finally retired after the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“Wolf-Dieter Poschmann conveyed many great sporting moments to ZDF viewers clearly, competently and with a lot of passion for the performance of the athletes,” explains ZDF editor-in-chief Peter Frey (64) in a message. “For over 30 years he was one of the defining faces and one of the memorable voices in many sports programs in the Second.”